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MTA Statement on Referendum Result

Speaking on Friday morning after the Referendum result came through, Manufacturing Technologies Association CEO James Selka said:
“Like the rest of country MTA members will have been engrossed in the referendum over the last few weeks. The MTA took a position, based on the views of our members, of supporting the UK’s remaining within the EU. But now that the decision has been reached, we have to work hard to protect the future of the UK’s manufacturing technologies sector.

MTA Board Member Awarded an OBE

Dr Tony Bannan, Chief Executive Officer of Precision Technologies Group (PTG), has been appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2016.

The OBE has been given in recognition of Dr Bannan’s services to the UK economy, international trade and inward investment.

Advanced Manufacturing Remain article – James Selka MTA CEO

A car consists of elements and components that have been sourced from right across the globe. The metal that forms the panels will have been quarried as an ore in one place, been through a foundry in another before being pressed into shape somewhere else. It will then be fitted with an engine that has been through a similar process, glass which has been formed, electronics that have been sourced the world over and a software package with hundreds of authors.

Members News

Expert calls on Filtermist’s oil mist removal expertise

Expert Tooling and Automation Ltd successfully turned to Filtermist to help it remove oil mist from the air in its machine shop - enabling production to continue before air quality became an issue.

Pratt Burnerd International flex their muscles with large specialised power chucking solutions

Lathe operators all over the world often need special application workholding because standard off-the-shelf chucks do not quite suit the work they wish to put on their lathes.


Parker Precision, a highly respected West Midlands-based precision engineering company, has invested in a new automatic shuttle vice bandsaw from Addison Saws. The saw, an Everising S-250 HB-NC model, is bringing efficiencies of 60% to Parker’s sawing line and is being used to feed no fewer than 20 CNC milling machines.


Laboratory technology provider, Thermo Fisher Scientific, has developed an ergonomically designed production line for the manual assembly of a new model series of incubators.  The company’s priorit

Employees at Jaguar Land Rover’s Engine Manufacturing Centre are breathing easy thanks to Filtermist

Employees at Jaguar Land Rover’s new Engine Manufacturing Centre (EMC) are breathing easy thanks to the installation of a comprehensive centralised oil mist extraction system from Telford based oil