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Comment: September's Manufacturing PMI figures

Speaking after the publication of today’s manufacturing PMI figures, MTA CEO James Selka welcomed the reports of UK manufacturing’s continued growth, saying “It is more than positive to see the PMI index climb to its highest level in two years. It is also encouraging to see UK manufacturers taking on more staff, reflecting the increased capacity needed to fulfil new orders. The weak exchange rate is fuelling exports into Europe, the US, Asia and other emerging markets.  

MTA CEO Comments on today's manufacturing PMI figures

Speaking after the publication of today’s manufacturing PMI figures, which showed a sharp rebound in activity, MTA CEO James Selka said: “The August rebound is really welcome news. Clearly the current exchange rate is having a positive effect on exports, MTA members have told us that it has made their products more competitive in global markets. That is good news in the short term, but in order to build on it the industry has to invest in new technology to be more productive and stay ahead of the competition. We’re confident that they will do that.

MACH Exhibition Launches 2018 Website

With the dust settled on a successful MACH 2016, we are pleased to announce that the new website has launched and the ballot process for MACH 2018 is now open.

The new MACH website now has responsive design to make it even easier to navigate, update and enjoy on mobile devices. The site contains all the latest MACH 2018 news and provides full details on the exhibition moving home for the first time in over 40 years.

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Modal and Non- Modal G Codes

We all know that programming can be complicated, so let me explain to you how it all works. This article explains the real meaning of modal and non modal G codes.

Where Will Metrology Be in The Next 10 Years?

The future of metrology in inspection and quality control operations will become an integral procedure within manufacturing processes.

Snap Up The Fastest Metrology Solution For Larger Parts: SNAP DM350

OGP UK introduces the SNAP DM350, the latest non-contact, high-definition video-based 2D co-ordinate measuring machine, able to measure any part within its 100 mm circular field of view with built-