About the MTA

It is the advanced machinery, equipment and intellectual property that enable the creation of the products we rely on from day to day and that drive our economy.

Machine tools are used across every sector of engineering to shape and form the parts that make up everything from the latest fighter jet to the most innovative surgical implant. Other aspects of manufacturing technology such as metrology (measuring) equipment, robotics and computer aided design and manufacturing systems (CAD/CAM) combine with the machines, tooling and work-holding equipment to make up complete systems, increasingly automated and adaptive, that manufacturers deploy, making the sector fundamental to the nation’s economy.

The sector’s turnover in the UK is some £1.6bn, of which more than 80% is exported, with the engineering powerhouses of China, the USA and Germany our biggest markets.

The sector directly employs just under 10,000 people, most of them highly skilled. These numbers can seem relatively small, but such is the centrality of the manufacturing technology sector to all other manufacturing sectors that without it they literally cannot work.

The Manufacturing Technologies Association is a trade association for companies working in the engineering-based manufacturing sector. Many of its members are involved in the construction and supply of manufacturing technology whilst other members deploy these technologies, and some are involved in providing services to the industry.

Our key activities as an Association are:

  • Representing engineering based manufacturing and supporting the advanced engineering sector through advocacy, media contact and networking.
  • Providing relevant and specific industry intelligence as well as access to the latest developments in research and technology.
  • Encouraging talent through funding and support for workplace training and education initiatives in schools, colleges and universities.
  • Delivering the UK’s only major exhibition focused on manufacturing technologies – MACH (owned and organised by the MTA).

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