Industry facts


We estimate that turnover for the manufacturing technology sector in the UK in 2013 was about £1.6 billion, of which more than 80% is exported.

Data on the output of machine tools, cutting tools and tool/work-holding equipment gives a total of just over £1billion, of which £771 million was exported.  Beyond this, we have to rely on estimates; we believe that output of metrology equipment is worth in the region of £500 million, again with a high export ratio; finally, the turnover for other manufacturing technology is estimated at £100 million, giving the total of £1.6 billion.


Machine tool manufacturers are located across the UK, with concentrations in the Midlands and West Yorkshire.  Companies in the cutting tool sector are mainly based in the West Midlands and around Sheffield, but again, there is wide geographical spread.

We estimate that the manufacturing technology sector in the UK employs about 9,500 people across both the manufacturing and distribution aspects of the sector.

These numbers seem relatively small when set alongside some other sectors, but the key to their importance is the centrality of the manufacturing technology sector to all other manufacturing sectors. Without it they literally cannot work.

You can download a full statistical report on the industry below