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Old timber floor in workshop transformed by Ecotile

The University of Birmingham has been challenging and developing great minds for more than a century.

Modal and Non- Modal G Codes

We all know that programming can be complicated, so let me explain to you how it all works. This article explains the real meaning of modal and non modal G codes.

Where Will Metrology Be in The Next 10 Years?

The future of metrology in inspection and quality control operations will become an integral procedure within manufacturing processes.

Snap Up The Fastest Metrology Solution For Larger Parts: SNAP DM350

OGP UK introduces the SNAP DM350, the latest non-contact, high-definition video-based 2D co-ordinate measuring machine, able to measure any part within its 100 mm circular field of view with built-


Roemheld has introduced a new range of programmable, electro-mechanical wedge clamps for sliding tables, injection moulding machines and presses.

Small bore machining enhanced by WNT UltraMini series extension

Maximising efficiency while machining small diameter bores has long been an issue for production engineers.

WNT makes tool selection easier with two new data platforms

WNT announced at AMB Stuttgart (13 – 17 September) that tool selection for its customers will become even easier as it joins forces with two leading Industry 4.0 aligned tool data platforms.

Royal Mail use Ecotile to improve health and safety

The UK’s designated Universal Postage Provider – the Royal Mail Group – gave Ecotile its stamp of approval to carry out a flooring installation programme in order to deliver improved safety and wel

Filtermist increases specialist LEV resource with more BOHS accredited certifications

Two employees at leading industrial air filtration and extraction specialist Filtermist have increased the company’s in-house LEV System Design and LEV Testing capabilities by successfully completi