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Latest Flat Bed Laser Is 30% Faster On Thin Sheet

A key benefit of the TRUMPF L20 flat bed laser is its universal cutting head. This feature can eliminate downtime associated with changing the laser head to correspond with a different thickness of material, a characteristic of previous generations of TRUMPF flat bed laser.

Phase Vision Joins The Rotary Club

Scanning of objects for inspection or reverse engineering purposes has now been made even easier, with the introduction of a fully programmable rotary table by Leicestershire-based three-dimensional white light measurement specialist Phase Vision.

WNT fine tunes zero point clamping with new MNG system

The new MNG zero point clamping system from WNT (UK) offers clamping accuracies of less than 0.01mm and an activation system that ensures a cost-effective workholding across the entire range.

Record Open-House, Record Month, Record Year

March 2011 has certainly made its mark for TRUMPF. Just over 300 hundred people attended the company’s In-Tech open house, the highest attendance ever recorded. And during the three day event £5m of orders were received for machines spanning a range of TRUMPF technologies.

Process change drives need for Timesaver

Manufacturing in excess of 1500 motorcycle disc brake rotors per week, Northampton-based EBC Brakes is constantly looking for productivity gains. However, one such gain brought with it an additional requirement for deburring.

Big Bang Sparks Interest in STEM

Last years’ event took place in Manchester over three days in March, attracting 22,500 people, a three-fold increase over attendance at the first Big Bang in 2009, and it’s hoped that 2011 will raise the bar yet again during it’s residency in the capital.

CECIMO expects a double-digit growth in production in 2011; Europe’s Machine Tool Market enters into robust sustainable growth phase

The recent decline in machine tool production in Europe hit bottom in 2010. Strong growth in order intake indicates that the industry will continue its strong recovery over the current year, 2011.


More than a decade ago, TRUMPF was the first company to introduce industrial diode-end-pumped marking lasers to the market. This made laser marking fast, economical and reliable. Today its systems are used throughout industry and in the medical technology sector in particular, for high value tasks such as product labelling, traceability and plagiarism protection.

Centro-P precision collet system turns niche into mainstream

Precision collet chuck systems tend to be aimed at niche application areas such as finish machining, but with the newly extended Centro-P system from WNT (UK) users have a universal and cost-effective system that delivers high accuracy and improved component quality.

Metals employees are significantly more valuable to the UK economy than other workers, according to new research from Semta

According to a new intelligence factsheet released today by Sector Skills Council Semta, the UK’s 430,100 metals employees produce an average of £49,900 Gross Value Added (GVA), compared to a UK average of just £35,500. The data reiterates the important contribution the sector is making in rebalancing the UK economy.