Who should attend: For staff travelling around the world The MTA offer a Travel Risk Management & Safety Course. Businesses have a duty of care to safeguard their staff who are travelling abroad. Our courses can be tailored to the clients’ needs, the country they will be travelling to and a full country brief. 

Course Outcomes: The Travel Risk Management & Safety Course covers the following subjects: 

  • Travel Preparation 
  • Full Travel / Security Brief on The Country You Are Travelling To. 
  • Open-Source Information to Research Intended Country I.E. Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Local Embassy 
  • Medical Intelligence Brief on The Country and Health Advice. 
  • Safety & Security In Whist In Country Including Terrorism. 
  • Travel Survival Pack. 
  • Safety At The Airport. 
  • Ground Transportation When You Arrive In – Country including Taxis, Trains & Buses. 
  • Driving In – Country. 
  • Hotel Safety/ Security, Tricks & Tips. 
  • Personal Security on the Street from Bag Theft and Pick Pockets. 
  • Risks In The Country – Man Made & Natural Disasters. 
  • Route Planning from The Airport to The Hotel or Place Of Work. 
  • Cyber Security Overseas. 
  • Kidnap Prevention & Conduct If Taken.
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