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A career in engineering?

About you

Whatever your engineering interest, as a student you will be studying either GCSE, A level or at level 1, 2 or 3 engineering in school or college.  As a visitor to the MTA website you will have access to all the world class leading companies that make machine tools and support a range of associated processes.

If you want to develop and enhance your career in engineering then this website should help point you in a few useful directions.  At school or college do your best in mathematics and science to give you the strong technical base required alongside the wider range of subjects you are studying.

About machine tools

Broadly speaking there are two main types of machine tools: those that cut metals and those that form metals.  But clearly there are many other making processes, joining systems, plastics process, handling systems, measuring systems and finishes.

The MTA, and the MACH Exhibition, are broken down into sectors that represent the modern machine tool industry:


  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Tooling
  • Metal Forming
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Metrology
  • Robotics

In summary

The career and employment opportunities are featured as well as the unique qualities and scope of the industry sector. The machine tool industry is a great ‘barometer’ of the health of UK PLC output as all industries and manufacturing sectors need tools to operate.  Engineering based manufacture is about shifting the balance between import and export and making the UK a net exporter and continuing to generate wealth for the nation.