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The MTA actively and positively looks to input and shape legislation which impacts on our members technology. We do this through our membership of the European Associations, CECIMO and Orgalim. For further information on the MTA’s Legislation work please contact the MTA’s Technology Manager, Joshua Dugdale on


CECIMO is an umbrella organisation that serves the common interests and values of the European Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies at EU and global level.

Since 1950, CECIMO helps European machine tool industries and related manufacturing technologies defining the strategy to improve its leadership and global competitiveness, and promoting its development in the fields of economy, technology and innovation.

Our Industry needs adequate legislation, skilled workforces, innovation, proper financing, good supply chains and infrastructures to keep its prominent position. CECIMO responds to this exigence by keeping up with these fast-changing times and focussing on, amongst others, globalisation, sustainability, market surveillance, lack of skilled labour force and a long-term industrial strategy.

It gathers 15 National Associations of machine tool and related manufacturing technologies across Europe, representing 98% of total machine tool production in Europe, 1.300 industrial companies in Europe (EU + EFTA + Turkey) and 150.000 employees.

Further information about CECIMO and their work can be found here:


Orgalim represents Europe’s technology industries at EU level: innovative companies across the mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics and metal technology sectors that develop and manufacture the products, systems and services that enable a prosperous and sustainable future.

We work with EU policymakers to shape a future that’s good – not only for our industries, but for Europe’s economy and society as a whole. A framework that supports strong and competitive technology companies can create jobs and sustainable growth while delivering solutions to societal challenges in areas as diverse as energy, healthcare, mobility and beyond.

Orgalim comprises 44 Member Associations from 23 countries – spanning national industry associations and European-level sector associations. Through our Partnership department, we provide services to a further 13 client associations within our network.

Further information about Orgalim and their work can be found here: