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ALGRA is a modern and dynamic company which has reached a prestigious position in the mechanical precision machinings. In continuous technological evolution, ALGRA devotes its growth to the continuous application of state of the art technology, according to a culture aimed at guarentee in- competitivness, quality, flexibility and effiiciency. A structual and technological patrimony. but above all an organisation composed of specialised and prepared people, who identify themselves in the company as a whole, representing primary point of force. Moreover the devoted customers, who see ALGRA as the ideal partner to face up to more and more difficult challenges. The production in developed in the factory of Almenno S Salvature (BG) in an area of 12,000mq, banking on a staff of about 100 people. The quality system already certificated since 1993 and fit to UNI ISO 9001:2000 rules, is the warrenty of reliability, in the steady engagement of continuous improvent.

The lathe accessories, as tooldiscs with relative fixed and driven toolholders, machined according to drawings and standard DIN 69880 rules, are a branch of ALGRA specialization.