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Hyperion Presetters


Horizontal tool presetter for use with turning and shanked tools.

The Hyperion is the most advanced system available for measuring, presetting and inspecting static and dynamic tools. Hyperion incorporates an Auto Clamping element spindle. This allows all tool workholding systems to be measured. Genuine auto-focus and auto edge-detection ensures the ultimate accuracy and repeatability. Furthermore, Hyperion is capable of measuring Y-Axes offsets within a range of +/- 50mm. Control-specific data is output to machine tools to streamline the production process.

Key Features:

  • ZOLLER image processing software »pilot«
  • Ergonomic operating elements
  • Consistent use of brand-name products
  • Robust and able to withstand shop floor conditions
  • Membrane keyboard for power-operated spindle clamping and spindle braking
  • Versatile adaptation to your production
  • Turret table
  • Swivelling device
  • Autofocus and rotary encoder
  • Second monitor