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Mollart Botek Gundrills

Mollart can meet all your Deep Hole Drilling Tooling requirements, possessing the sole licence in the UK to manufacture and supply Botek Gundrill Tooling and Accessories.

Supporting Botek Gundrill Tooling Manufacture, Mollart have extensive expertise in Gundrill Refurbishment offering a “Fast Turnaround” Retipping and Regrinding service.
Please get in touch for further information on Botek products and Mollart’s Gundrill Retipping and Regrinding Service.

Type 113
Solid carbide gundrills and reamers Ø0.5– 10.0mm.
Max drilling depth: 100 x Ø (300mm max).
Application in Medical and Fuel Injection technologies.

Type 110
Standard brazed carbide tip Ø1.85 – 51.2mm.
Max drilling depth: 35 x Ø (5000mm max).
Used in most standard applications. Also available in a variety of coated versions.

Type 120
Brazed carbide tip twin flute gundrills Ø6.0 – 30mm.
Max drilling depth: 35 x Ø.
Application in rapid machining of cast iron & short cutting aluminium.

Type 01
Single Flute indexable gundrill Ø15.0 – 44.0mm.
Max drilling depth: 35 x Ø.
Sophisticated cutter geometry of guide pads excels at cross hole drilling.

Type 02
Lead indexable gundrill Ø37.0 – 75.0mm.
Max drilling depth: 1000mm.