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Redomatic Presetters


Advanced tool presetting with an automatic heat shrink capability.

The Redomatic is built around the proven Venturion structure, with integrated heat shrinking functionality. Redomatic fully automates the shrink process – setting tools to within 10 microns on tool lengths. Productivity is increased compared to traditional shrinking techniques, thanks to the fully integrated process.

Key Features:

  • ZOLLER image processing software »pilot«
  • Ergonomic operating elements
  • Consistent use of brand-name products
  • Robust and able to withstand shop floor conditions
  • Membrane keyboard for power-operated spindle clamping and spindle braking
  • ZOLLER high-precision spindle »ACE«
  • Carrier system
  • Induction coil
  • Heat-shrink guidance system »sls«
  • Process reliability