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Seiki AIR Monitoring

Seiki AIR Monitoring

When you’ve got production targets to meet and the challenge of keeping costs under control, it’s essential to have a true and accurate picture of your manufacturing resource activity. Seiki AIR Monitoring helps build greater integrity into the measurement of your manufacturing equipment performance. It enables you to quickly identify, evaluate and minimise critical productivity losses, helping to improving equipment availability and work throughput – your ROI.

The software captures productive and non-productive events occurring on CNC machines and manual resources.

  • It allows you to connect every machine to see and understand how your entire shop floor is performing.
  • Each status change can be captured automatically (e.g. cycle start or alarm condition) via digital signals received from the machine tool, providing continuous recording of production times.
  • Operators can manually enter additional operating conditions and status changes, capturing the reasons for the machine being in a non-productive state using the simple touch buttons.

Having overall visibility of manufacturing activity on your shop floor gives the control and flexibility you need to be responsive to customer demands and to continue adding value through the production process.

  • As a visual management tool, it provides a dynamic live view of the manufacturing shop environment
  • Alarm status notifications can be configured to alert users of alarm conditions or when thresholds are exceeded for specific conditions.

Machine utilisation analysis provides detailed analysis of the productivity of each machine, together with non-productive reasons. The results are displayed in interactive pie, bar and Pareto charts. Use your machine utilisation data to inform strategies to optimise machine uptime, throughput and ROI.

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