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Smile Presetters


A general-purpose presetter with guaranteed accuracy and repeatability.

The Smile is Zoller’s general-purpose presetter for tool weights up to 30kg. It provides excellent levels of accuracy and repeatability thanks to its unique CNC spindle with genuine auto-focus capabilities. Zoller’s telecentric optics further enhance performance while making the system easier to operate. Data can be seamlessly transferred to machine tools thanks to Zoller’s unrivalled control-specific output or via RFID. This ensures that operator intervention is eradicated.

All of these unique and industry-leading capabilities at a price-point to meet the most demanding budget.

Key Features:

  • Unique CNC spindle with auto-focus – guarantees accuracy and repeatability.
  • Telecentric optics – allows you to measure geometries anywhere in the field of view.
  • Choice of workholdings: SK50, SK50 Vacuum or Powered Clamping.
  • Control-specific or RFID data transfer to machine tools without any operator influence.
  • Interface with TMS providing a holistic overview of tooling throughout the production process.
  • Can be easily networked to SQL or Oracle, to transfer or share data instantly.
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and conversational programming system to enable simple user operation.
  • Choice of intuitive user interfaces to meet client’s requirements. All Zoller software runs with latest Windows platforms.