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Tool Inspection


The universal measuring machine for metal cutting tools.

Rapid testing of individual criteria, to complete, fully automatic, operator independent checks, your tools are checked quickly and precisely.

Results of the measurements are documented in detail and can be transferred to the grinding machines at just the touch of a button.

With the >>genius<< you can save valuable time during work preparation and programming, it also prevents troublesome rework and customer complaints, and also ensures quality results.

Features Detail:

  •     ZOLLER image processing software »pilot«
  • Ergonomic operating elements
  • Consistent use of brand-name products
  • Robust and able to withstand shop floor conditions
  • Membrane keyboard for power-operated spindle clamping and spindle braking
  • Versatile adaptation to your production
  • ZOLLER high-precision spindle »ace«
  • Autofocus and rotary encoder
  • CNC control unit
  • Camera