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The ultimate in multi-sensor measurement, the Vantage from OGP UK offers the highest accuracy throughput. OGP's flagship SmartScope VANTAGE is for manufacturers who require the very highest standards of accuracy, repeatability and speed.

Superior optical performance, configured for Renishaw's advanced probing systems which incorporates unique interfrometric laser scanning technology.

With the ability to empower manufacturers, VANTAGE provides the integrated tools to control dimension production processes in one advanced high speed operation.


Vantage is equipped with 0.1μm scales and a supremely stable bridge-style metrology platform to guarantee precision accuracy. Linear motors facilitate fast traverse speeds for maximum throughput. Vantage machines have been designed to carry multiple sensors without compromising performance. This means that one machine can do the job that previously required 4 or 5 separate devices. This frees up vital shop-floor or inspection centre real estate and means that complex components can be measured seamlessly on one system without operator intervention.