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At 100W, the new TruMicro 5070 has the highest power output of all ultrafast lasers on the market. And it therefore stands to reason that it also gives the highest productivity.  This laser’s extremely short pulses of less than 10 ps and high pulse energies of up to 500µJ are particularly impressive. 

The TruMicro 5070 is one of two new additions to the established TruMicro Series 5000 picosecond lasers for structuring, ablation, cutting and drilling in the micro-production environment. Along with the second harmonic 5270, they can vaporise virtually any material so fast that there is no detectable influence of heat. For example, the short interaction time between laser and substrate allows a cold ablation process that has wide scope of application.

Both lasers are perfect for integration into highly automated production lines and their overall cost is unrivalled throughout their service life.  They have excellent beam quality to achieve high precision and the two-stage laser power regulation guarantees a high level of processing safety at any power setting.

The TruMicro 5070 has a maximum power output in the IR wavelength of 100W and its fellow newcomer, the TruMicro 5270, provides 60W in the green wavelength.  And as they create no mechanical or thermal load on the substrate they are ideal tools for processing hard or brittle materials. The TruMicro 5070, for example, is particularly suited to processing zirconium oxide that is easily shattered by other laser types.

The new lasers will be of greatest benefit in the electronics, photovoltaics and semiconductor production where high precision and productivity are key requirements.  For example, when the display glass for smartphones and tablet PCs is cut with the TruMicro 5270, the edge quality attained is of such high standard that no refinishing work is required.  And whilst conventional processing methods for cutting toughened glass results in rapid tool wear, this laser can cut it with ease.

Typical applications for the TruMicro 5070 is in the processing of ceramics, sapphire and hard metals.  It too provides unmatched edge quality.