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China IP roadshow: 24 to 26 February 2016

China Attaché, Tom Duke, will be running a UK-wide intellectual property roadshow from 24 to 26 February 2016. The intellectual property (IP) landscape is moving and improving fast in China and Tom Duke has been the UK’s IP Attaché to China since 2011.

Tom will be running a UK-wide IP roadshow from 24 to 26 February. We will be visiting London, Oxford, Manchester and Edinburgh for events covering all IP rights. This roadshow will give attendees practical advice on how to expand their business in China and has an exciting range of speakers in each city.

Tom and others invite you to join them at the following locations:

London - 24 February

Oxford - 24 February

Manchester - 25 February

Edinburgh - 26 February AM

Edinburgh - 26 February PM

For further information and to attend click here