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High Growth Europe Showcase – 26th November 2014, London

UK Trade & Investment invites you to a one-day showcase on business opportunities in Central & Eastern Europe (CEE). Register now to secure your place and represent the best of the UK’s Infrastructure offering.

Why High Growth Europe?
• Driven by €150 billion EU Regional and Cohesion funds, major projects are underway to build and upgrade critical rail, road, air, sea and water infrastructure in the region
• Over €60 billion funding for railway upgrades in Romania, Poland, Slovenia and Austria, including a high speed rail project in Romania
• €22 billion to go into motorways and roads in Poland and in Slovakia
• Expansion of metro systems in Sofia, Prague and Bucharest

When: 26 November 2014
Where: Millbank Media Centre & Altitude 360, Millbank Tower, 21-24 Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP

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