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Members Quarterly Meeting

Following the success of the first two Members’ Quarterly Meetings(MQM), the next one will be held on 9th October 2013 at Seco Tools (UK) Ltd, Adams Way, Springfield Business Park, Alcester, Warwickshire B49 6PU.

The theme of the meeting is “Growing our Future Engineers” the meeting will be designed to address key issues faced by our members. There will be a presentation by Mr Lee Kilgour, Principal at Aston University Engineering Academy (AUEA), on the theme and he will discuss the best practices and tools utilised with regard to investment, training and development of apprentices. There will also be a presentation on ensuring apprenticeship retention delivered by Mr Geoff Lloyd, Managing Director, Heller Machine Tools Ltd.                                                                                                    

Additionally Steven Gee, Managing Director - Manufacturing Division of Close Brothers Asset Finance, will be making a presentation entitled Regional Growth Fund Benefiting from the Opportunities. The presentation aims to help members gain a better understanding of RGF programmes, examine how SME’s can invest and strengthen their business, create and protect jobs and looks into how to build on creativity.

Workshop sessions will then explore aspects of the theme and an interactive voting system will analyse members’ views on a number of debate questions. The results of the interactive sessions will be distributed to the participants, and also shared with our members through a member forum on the website.

The half day MQM on 9th October 2013 to which all members are welcome will be held at Seco Tools (UK) Ltd, Adams Way, Springfield Business Park, Alcester, Warwickshire B49 6PU.  The event will commence for Council members at 09.30 with a brief update on what is happening inside the Association delivered by the Principle Committee Chairmen, Tony Bannan and Guy Mollart.  All members attending the presentations and interactive session are invited to register between 10.00 and 10.15 am prior to the Growing our Future Engineers -  Members’ Quarterly Meeting.   

To book your place please contact Randa Orgill at your earliest convenience at:, or alternatively on 0207 298 6400.