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More Support for Bloodhounds Education Mission

 There was exciting news from Supersonic Car and MACH 2014 Exhibitor, Bloodhound SSC this week. Minister for Science David Willets opened their new state of the art assembly facility at Avonmouth near Bristol, and announced a further £1million of grant funding for Bloodhound’s education and outreach work.

 Educational materials based on the project are already in over 5,000 schools around the country and interest and excitement are bound to pick up as the time for the 1000mph record attempt draws ever closer.

 The Minister said: “BLOODHOUND is British science and engineering at its visionary best. The project’s success will not only be measured in miles per hour, but also in how it inspires future generations. This new investment will help show even more young people how rewarding science and engineering careers can be. It’s been an honour to be part of the BLOODHOUND journey so far and I wish the team the best of luck for the world land speed record attempt.”

MACH 2014 will be a brilliant opportunity to see the car shortly before the team heads of for South Africa to attempt the record. It will be the third MACH that Bloodhound has been represented at in the Education and Training Zone and it has always been a popular and informative feature.

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