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MTA CEO speaks at Smarter Factories

James Selka, the MTA’s new Chief Executive Officer, gave a presentation at the ‘Smarter Factories’ conference this week in Birmingham organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). James’s presentation was entitled, ‘How are you going to make the future?’ and was well received by the business leaders from across the manufacturing sector who attended.
The conference on 19 June was entitled: How new technologies can improve the performance and competitiveness of UK manufacturing. It was designed to inform and inspire engineers on the disruptive technologies that are transforming production environments.

Other distinguished speakers included Dr Jagjit Singh Srai, University of Cambridge, Dr Emma Rushforth from the Warwick Manufacturing Group and Professor Steve Burnage, University of Surrey/Lockheed Martin. Dr Srai described the ‘pull’ to deliver same day production would transform factories. He said that processes would have to produce more variety and against shorter delivery times. Other contributions included Tim Lawrence of PA Consulting who saw personalisation on a mass volume scale as a massive challenge and that it is only four or five years away.