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MTA Forecast Seminar

The MTA’s Annual Forecast Seminar will be held on 23 October 2014 at Iscar Tools in Birmingham. The Forecast Seminar will highlight economic and industry trends across all the key sectors for manufacturing technologies and will include a special focus on the aerospace industry. The second part of the session will include the announcement of the Oxford Economics/MTA forecast for the manufacturing technology market in both the UK and in 22 other markets around the world.

The presentations will be given by John Walker, Chairman, Oxford Economics and Geoff Noon, Statistician at the MTA. There will also be a presentation from Jeremy Leonard, Director of Industry Services, Oxford Economics. The Annual Forecast Seminar is an invaluable opportunity to look ahead to what the coming years hold through access to the very best forecast data.

The cost of the Forecast Seminar is £65+VAT, this includes lunch and a memory stick containing all the documents relating to the presentations and the Forecast itself.
Members are kindly requested to complete the online booking form via reserve a place at this popular seminar.