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National Physical Laboratory launces E-Learning metrology training courses

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is an invaluable resource for companies looking for metrology training. Their training programme places decades of expertise at the disposal of clients to help improve measurement behaviours and support good measurement practice.

Recently NPL launched a range of courses as online e-Learning. This has a number of advantages for businesses by allowing for online sessions to be completed remotely at any time, where the employee downtime is minimised and the impact of training on productivity can be managed more smoothly.
The nationally accredited training programme now offers candidates a fully interactive learning experience, providing core theoretical knowledge that can be supplemented with real-life ‘blended’ practical sessions and workshops.

NPL’s e-learning system also makes the training programme accessible to a variety of audiences. The programme gives the opportunity for senior managers, designers and others to benefit from an understanding of the importance of metrology without ever being required to practice it. Such a system allows them to better understand the role played by their colleagues in the measurement teams.

For more information visit or call James Fudge on 020 7298 6408