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New MTA event experience

The MTA is launching a new series of events in the MTA Calendar, the Members’ Quarterly Meeting. The first event in the series is entitled Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve and will be held on Wednesday 20 March. Save this and the other series dates in your calendar now, as these events are sure to be hugely popular. The following Members’ Quarterly Meetings will be held on 19 June 2013, 25 September and in conjunction with the AGM on 4 December.

This series of events is open to all members and each half day will be a vibrant, interactive, information sharing, networking event. Each event will consist of two sessions, Best Practice delivered by an external speaker, followed by Personal Experience shared by members. These sessions will be run using an interactive voting system, with personal keypads, controlled through a form of quiz PowerPoint software for presentation of the questions and the results. The results of the interactive sessions will be distributed to the participants, and also shared with the members through a member forum on the website.

The initial event, on 20 March 2013, will take place at the newly refitted and extended Trumpf Showroom, Auditorium and Training Centre at Luton. Focusing on product and process development, the theme for the event is “Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve”. 

To book your place please contact: Randa Orgill on 020 7298 6425 or at