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New Product Verification Roadmap launched

Product verification in high value manufacturing - the process of confirming, through objective evidence, that a manufactured product conforms to the original design intent - can be complex and challenging, and this can impede UK companies, especially SMES, from competing effectively in global markets.

The National Product Verification Programme (NPVP), following a Roadmapping exercise, has published A Roadmap for UK Manufacturing, outlining ten ambitious programme ideas that have the potential to significantly enhance best-in-class quality, productivity and competitiveness in UK high value manufacturing.

But do you think they reflect your challenges and will they help you? We are keen to hear from you and a short Product Verification Roadmap survey is available (Closing date: 30 January 2015).

Stephen Burgess, Manufacturing Process and Technology Director, Rolls-Royce plc and NPVP Advisory Board Chair, said:

"Experience at all levels of the high value manufacturing supply chain has shown that product verification capability lags behind other aspects of product design, manufacturing technology and operational efficiency.

"As specific programmes and offerings become established by the National Product Verification Programme partners through 2015, the UK supply chain, especially SMEs, will be able to transform their product verification capabilities and overall business performance."

As the UK's National Measurement Institute, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is leading the development of the NPVP to increase product verification capability and capacity in UK advanced manufacturers. The NPVP is steered by an Advisory Board, which has representation from advanced manufacturers, the Government, the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, Innovate UK, EPSRC, and manufacturing and membership support organisations.

The Roadmapping exercise, led by the University of Cambridge's Institute for Manufacturing Education and Consultancy Services, set out to identify what needs to be done to increase product verification capability in UK Advanced Manufacturing supply chain companies to world-class standards over two, five and 10 years. Over 55 people from 30 different organisations have been consulted during the four-month process focusing around two workshops.

The Roadmap vision for the National Product Verification Programme is:

The UK is seen as having adopted best-in-class measurement capability to become an international leader in fast, low cost reliable product verification:

  • Product verification is seen as leading in the development of added value for a competitive UK manufacturing industry and as a key enabler for UK industrial strategies.
  • Industrial capability exists for product verification to be integrated throughout the product lifecycle and selected supply chains.
  • Product verification is an integral part of the UK's national science and engineering research and education curricula.

The 10 proposed programmes are grouped around five streams: New Instruments; Product and process development; Regional centres of excellence for SMEs; Training and education; and Networking and coordination.

Read the National Product Verification Programme - A Roadmap for UK Manufacturing Consultation Document