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Opportunity for MTA Members to be featured in Business Review Europe magazine

The MTA is pleased to inform you that we have linked up with the publishers of Business Review Europe magazine, to produce an editorial feature on The Manufacturing Technologies Association and the industry in general.

Based around an interview with James Selka the article will look at the mission, goals and role of the association, new technologies and industry developments. Following James Selka's interview, there is also an opportunity for several of our members to be profiled, showcasing your business/organisation, activities, services, etc. in the form of a company report.

Once published, this special report will also be available via the MTA’s website in a digital brochure format.

Business Review Europe is an online magazine which is distributed to over 365,000 individual senior industry executives every issue focusing on UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East and North America. To view the latest issue you can visit Business Review Europe

There is no cost to be profiled in the magazine. Instead, they will ask your permission to approach key suppliers and Vendors to your business to invite them to share in the exposure with an advertisement for their own business.

Please keep in mind that, although we think this might be an interesting opportunity, it is purely an invitation from MTA to you as one of our members. There is no obligation and the decision to be profiled or allow the magazine to contact suppliers, is entirely up to you.

Danielle Harris, Project Director of Europe for the magazine is responsible for this special report. She might contact you shortly to learn if you are interested in this opportunity. Or you can contact her directly at to make your interest known.

Participation is open to MTA members only. I hope you see this as a good opportunity to promote the industry and your business/organisation.