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Spotlight on…. Training Grants and Apprenticeship Loans:

Through our Education and Training Committee the MTA offers Training Grants and Apprenticeships to members who are looking to up skill and to help develop and further the knowledge of employees.

Training Grants:

Training grants are available to help members to pay for training courses that are accredited or industry recognised programmes. The MTA will match fund (50%) any application to maximum of £500.

• Only one grant can be applied for per company in a financial year
• Courses should not last for longer than 1 year
• No grants will be awarded retrospectively i.e. applications for funding must be made in advance of the course/training commencing
• The course should be an accredited or industry-recognised course which will satisfy a recognised need in the members business
• Terms and condition apply, full t&cs can be found on the application form which is available on the MTA website

Apprenticeship – Grants and Loans

Apprenticeships offer an outstanding way to help bring talented young people into the advanced manufacturing industry by encouraging learning and development and a sustainable and rewarding career.

Since 2008 the MTA has been offering its own ‘Apprenticeship scheme’ to encourage members to invest in Apprentice training. £100,000 has been made available to support members with a turnover up to £10 million taking on a new Apprentice.

A £2000 grant is available to members for Apprentices on national frameworks and being delivered by approved providers (£1000 for Contract Manufacturing Members). In addition, a £10,000 interest free loan may also be applied for - payable over 12 months and is repaid over the following 12 months.

• Only one grant/loan can be applied for in a financial year.
• The loan repayment will be due in full within 24 months from the date of the first payment to the company. Should the apprentice exit the scheme before they complete their first year scheme, or fail to pass their assessments, the company employing them will still have to repay the amount borrowed from the MTA in full, within 3 months of the termination of the apprenticeship.
• Terms and conditions apply, full t&cs are on the application form, that can be found on the MTA website.

The information above is an outline framework and is for guidance purposes only. The Committee has full discretion and its decision is final.

If you have any queries about our training and apprenticeships loans and grants, please contacts James Fudge, E&T Co-ordinator on 0207 298 6408.