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Student Tours at MACH 2014

The MTA is once again running tours for students at MACH 2014. We believe that it is essential that young people get to experience the best that modern manufacturing has to offer and a structured tour is the best way to ensure that they appreciate the range of technology out there. These tours will be conducted in relatively small groups.

Not only will the tours help the young people get the most out of their visit, but they should also ensure the time spent by stand personnel talking to these groups is managed and contained.

We already have a number of members who have agreed to have student groups visit their stands. Of course, the more companies who agree to host groups the fewer demands on their time we will make, but we hope that you agree with us that it is imperative, if the industry is to maintain a flow of future recruits, that we use the opportunity presented by MACH 2014 to show ourselves to best advantage. Groups will also be visiting the various exhibits within the E&T zone and, for the first three days, will have the opportunity to see World Skills UK carrying out demonstrations and regional heats.

We are encouraging members to get in touch with their local schools, colleges and UTCs to make sure they do not miss out on this opportunity. Group registration is now open via or further information can be obtained by contacting James Fudge via or on 0207 298 6400.