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Toolkit to address fraud

Last year fraud losses to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) were estimated at £18.9 billion and affected 1 in 4 small businesses.  Despite the level of the problem, SMEs have not been getting the advice and support they need to better protect themselves from fraud.

To help meet their needs the National Fraud Authority (NFA) has been working in partnership with key stakeholders including the Fraud Advisory Panel (FAP) to develop an online toolkit for SMEs, which was launched earlier this year. Of course, all business are different, as are the risks they face – but there are some common areas that all SMEs should be aware of when considering their potential fraud exposure and response. This toolkit provides information on issues, threats and steps to self-protect. To ensure that we are supporting SMEs as effectively as possible, there is further sign-posting to other organisations that can provide guidance, including to the Action Fraud reporting site.  It will be regularly reviewed and updated.

We would recommend that you review the toolkit,  and if you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement contact the NFA directly, (email: )