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The Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) is hosting a Business Briefing to ensure you are ready for the new post transition rules coming into effect from January 2021.

The European Union (EU) is “modernising” its regulations for dual-use goods which includes many types of machine tools.  You can find out more about this process from the press release that is on-line at and there is a dedicated web-page with more details at

Supporting UK companies to prepare for the end of the transition period is a key priority for the Department for International Trade (DIT).

From 1st January 2021, the rules around product marking in the UK market will change, although the change depends on whether you are in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) (GB) or Northern Ireland (NI).  The latter will exist, a bit like Schrodinger’s Cat, in both the UK and the EU, although for regulatory purposes, it is treated as being in the EU.

From 1 January 2021 all wood packaging material (WPM) moving between the UK and the EU must meet ISPM15 international standards by undergoing heat treatment and marking.  All WPM may (or probably will) be subject to official checks either upon or after entry to the EU.  Checks on WPM will continue to be carried out in the UK on a risk-targeted basis only but it is not expected that the plant health risk from WPM imported from the EU will change from 1st January 2021.

As always, there are a range of topics where either new guidance has been issued in the past week or where existing guidance has been updated. 

New Guidance

At the end of the Brexit transition period on 31st December 2020 there will be changes to how the Intellectual Property (IP) system and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) will operate.  These changes will affect:

HMRC have launched multiple editions of a webinar covering how to complete customs import declarations and explaining how to make import declarations when importing goods between the EU and Great Britain.

This will be especially useful for companies who have only dealt with “importing” goods from the EU up to now but who will face new requirements from 1st January 2021.

This article covers a range of areas where either new guidance has been issued or the existing guidance has been updated.

New Guidance:

Following a recent meeting with BEIS, the associations that make up the EURIS group (an advisory body for the potential impacts of the changing relationship between the UK and EU for the UK Government, manufacturers and the media which includes MTA) put a range of questions regarding the movement of people to and from the EU after the end of the Brexit transition period.