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Advanced Manufacturing is a dynamic, globalised, sector which is constantly evolving. Much of that evolution is as a consequence of technological change which is happening at a faster rate than ever before. Manufacturing Technology that change right across sectors and in companies of all sizes. The MTA exists to help its members transform the manufacturing world.

Can you, or a company you know, help with this urgent requirement to support ventilator manufacture next week? If so contact Paul O’Donnell at the MTA on

Rotary Pot – Contelec or Megatron

5,000 units for next week of the two below options (5,000 of either spec or a combination even would be considered).

Manufacturer   Part Number                      Shaft Size             Notes

Among the webinars hosted by Oxford Economics (OE) this week was one that looks at the latest update of their global industry forecasts.  Some of the slides make comparisons with previous forecasts;  these are from last November and from the regular round in February which has been updated in March.  This article summarises the information in the webinar.

Before taking a look at the manufacturing PMI data around the world, there are three important points that need to be remembered, with specific examples of their importance.

Our Business Survey for March was launched a couple of days ago.  This would normally have been one of our longer quarterly surveys but we have dropped most of the extra questions because they are not relevant - we don’t need a survey to know that orders will be down in the coming quarter!

The MTA has been asked to circulate this tender opportunity to our members. A new tender opportunity with Solihull College and University Centre in the West Midlands for the provision of eight specialist engineering machines to include but not be limited to Traditional Industry standard machines and CNC machines including EDM machines and associated tooling to support teaching and learning outcomes in Engineering.

These times are going to be challenging for both business, and individuals working remotely, and so the NSC have produced a series of webinars to encourage professional development.

The team are planning a series of webinars on different subjects, all business/sales/marketing related, notably in Crisis Management Mode and Preparing for Change.

The current COVID-19 outbreak is causing severe shortages of essential medical equipment, particularly in those countries with the most significant number of patients.

With the recent “call to action”, CECIMO, the European association for Additive Manufacturing, has been in direct contact with companies who have offered to help in this time of need. However, many of them have pointed out that various regulatory requirements could potentially block their contribution.

Many MTA members have rallied to the call to help produce the ventilators that are so desperately needed by the NHS, in particular assisting the Ventilator Challenge UK consortium. But there are other areas of medical technology which are short supply too. The Government has set up a portal which aims at meeting those needs. They need not just engineering and manufacturing capability but capabilities like logistics and warehousing to.

Last night saw the latest of a round of what, only a few weeks ago would have be considered extraordinary measures to support business. Two schemes aimed at companies already existed. One for large companies which centres around the Bank of England buying their debt and one for SMEs, the CBILS, of which more below.

Flash Purchasing Managers’ Index, March 2020:  For the past few months, IHS Markit (compilers of the PMI data) have been publishing a flash indicator for the UK, Euro-zone and the USA.  We have held off on reporting these while they settled down and we could assess the relevance to the final numbers which are published on the first working day of the following month.  However, at a time when up-to-date information is vital, now seems like a good time to start noting these tre