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Advanced Manufacturing is a dynamic, globalised, sector which is constantly evolving. Much of that evolution is as a consequence of technological change which is happening at a faster rate than ever before. Manufacturing Technology that change right across sectors and in companies of all sizes. The MTA exists to help its members transform the manufacturing world.

European Industrial Production, November 2018:  The data published by Eurostat makes gloomy reading with total industrial production (mostly manufacturing, but also including the output of utilities and extraction industries) falling by -1.7% compared to October for the Euro-zone and by -1.3% for the EU28.  Looking back 12 months to November 2017, Euro-zone industrial production fell by -3.3%, with a reduction of -2.2% in the EU28.

The EURIS Taskforce, a body of trade organisations representing UK manufacturing worth £148 billion in turnover, is calling for an extension to Article 50 following the result of last night’s Brexit vote.

EURIS is concerned that the outcome of the vote increases the chances of a no-deal Brexit, which would cause severe damage to UK manufacturing and risk huge job losses as the impact on trade would be too hard to bear for many companies.

In response to feedback from employers, the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) have developed new products for employers about off-the-job training and guidance supporting young apprentices.

Off-the-job training

Brexit continues to tie the Government and Parliament alike up in knots. This week the Prime Minister lost a vote on her Deal but won one on the Confidence of the House in her Government. So, we are at a Parliamentary impasse. There is a majority in the House for leaving the EU as per the Referendum and there is a majority for not doing so without a Deal in place. The latter fact has made many commentators, and certainly the markets, more positive about avoiding a No Deal Brexit.

BSI is working with Innovate UK to develop a PAS guide to achieving trusted and secure measurements from networked sensors in a digital manufacturing environment. They are looking for people to make up a review group to give feedback on the content of the PAS. If anyone is interested in participating please contact

The provisional scope of the document is as follows:

Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) CEO, James Selka, presented the Product Showcase Awards at Autosport International exhibition last Thursday (10th January). The awards provided a great opportunity for exhibitors to introduce their best products to industry buyers and media. The MTA also sponsored the Cross-Industry Application award which was won by Aero Tec for its FIA FT5 Safety Fuel Tank.

UK Manufacturing Output, November 2018:  The headlines from the manufacturing output data released this morning by the Office for National Statistics make rather gloomy reading with total manufacturing output in the latest 3 months (September, October and November 2018) falling by -0.8% compared to the previous period (June, July and August 2018) and by -0.4% compared to a year earlier (September, October and November 2017).

The December edition of the MTA Business Survey, which is one of our slightly longer quarterly surveys, will be closing early next week;  however, it is not too late to let us have your input - this can be done via the on-line form at  Although December is a short month for business, it is important that we capture the trends for our industry, so if you have not done so already, please take

Join the MTC 13th March to learn how your business can benefit from adopting a more digital, smarter approach to its manufacturing and supply chain.

Meet the experts and see the Factory in a Box; an industrial-scale demonstrator showcasing how industrial digital technologies can change the way you do business.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy are running a consultation on how Rules of Origin will apply to the UK manufacturing sector after Brexit. Rules of Origin are the means by which it is determined which tariffs to apply to goods. Their visibility will greatly expand after Brexit because good from the UK will no longer come under the ‘EU Origin’ banner.