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Industry Focus

Advanced Manufacturing is a dynamic, globalised, sector which is constantly evolving. Much of that evolution is as a consequence of technological change which is happening at a faster rate than ever before. Manufacturing Technology that change right across sectors and in companies of all sizes. The MTA exists to help its members transform the manufacturing world.

UK Manufacturing Output, May 2020:  The data for manufacturing output from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that activity in the latest 3 months (March to May 2020) was -18.0% lower than in the previous 3 months (December 2019, January and February 2020) and -19.9% down on the same period a year earlier (March to May 2019).  Although we will focus on the 3-month moving trends in the rest of this note, it is worth noting that manufacturing output in May was +8.5

EURIS is issuing advice to members to allow for early planning for the undesired outcome of a no-deal Brexit. Much of the advice will still be useful and some necessary under most FTA scenarios too.  We would advise all member companies to review our checklist and act on the recommendations set out below.

Surface Engineering Leadership Forum (SELF): Apprenticeship Standards.

Over the past 2 to 3 years, members of the Surface Engineering Leadership Forum team have been involved in several trailblazer groups, to help put together apprenticeship standards for engineers employed within the surface coatings and surface engineering disciplines.

Would you like your business to receive national and international recognition for its work in international trade, innovation, promoting opportunity or sustainable development? If so, the Lord Lieutenant, Ed Anderson, the Chambers of Commerce and companies who had gained the award would like to help you. The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is open to companies of all sectors and sizes based in the UK and it’s free to enter.

Following on from last week’s item, our colleagues at Oxford Economics (OE) have now updated their outlook for the recovery in industrial output from the Covid-19 crisis.  This looks specifically at a recovery profile within the overall forecast and includes some industry detail.

Our colleagues at Oxford Economics (OE) have just completed their regular quarterly revision of their industry forecasts and the slides from their webinar are attached below and we hope that these notes help in interpreting the charts.

The manufacturing sector in the COVID-19 crisis: The CECIMO General Assembly was held on-line and discussed the different actions undertaken to fight the COVID-19 crisis.

Our colleagues at Oxford Economics (OE) have updated their forecasts for the UK economy and for the major industry groups.  This update also includes some analysis of the regional economy although this is very high level and of little direct relevance to MTA members.  The slide pack from this update can be downloaded from the MTA web-site Members Area at and we o

The May reading of the UK Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for manufacturing showed an improvement from the very low level in April (32.6) but at 40.7 it still indicates a significant contraction in activity in the sector.  Alongside this, the output element of the index continues to fall sharply and while at first glance this is understandable, it highlights a conundrum in the way that the PMI is calculated.

The UK Government this week published regulations introducing a 14 Day Quarantine Period for those entering the UK. The introduction of quarantine was a feature of discussions at the start of the pandemic but the announcement a couple of weeks ago that it was to be introduced on the 8th of June was something of a surprise; industry and other stakeholders were not consulted and we have expressed serious concerns about the plans.