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Advanced Manufacturing is a dynamic, globalised, sector which is constantly evolving. Much of that evolution is as a consequence of technological change which is happening at a faster rate than ever before. Manufacturing Technology that change right across sectors and in companies of all sizes. The MTA exists to help its members transform the manufacturing world.

Bank of England’s Agents’ Summary of Business Conditions, 2nd Quarter 2017:  The latest report from the Bank of England’s Agents reflects a pick-up in manufacturing output;  in the domestic market, both the aerospace and automotive industries were highlighted as being among those with the fastest growth, as well as a note that “a very modest recovery in output for those in the oil & gas supply chain was in train”.

We have learnt of a scam which is affecting manufacturing, engineering and machinery companies in Yorkshire and the east of England. 

UK Exports/Imports by Industry, 1st Quarter 2017:  Analysis of the latest trade data by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that exports of all manufactured products grew by +0.9% compared to the previous quarter (Q4-16) and by +17.0% above the level a year earlier (Q1-16).  The Metal Engineering sub-sector (metal products, machinery, automotive and other transport equipment, including aerospace), which accounted for 53% of total manufactured exports, di

As international trade takes place across borders, with companies that are unlikely to be familiar with one another, there are various risks to deal with. Trade finance exists to mitigate, or reduce, the risks involved in an international trade transaction.

Brussels, 20 June 2017 – The CECIMO General Assembly that took place in Rotterdam confirmed:

European GDP, 1st Quarter 2017:  The latest figures from Eurostat have revised up the estimates for GDP at the start of the year;  the quarter-on-quarter growth rate for both the Euro-Zone and the EU28 is now put at +0.6% (having been +0.5% in the previous estimate).  The annualised growth rate is now 1.9% for the Euro-zone (up from +1.7% in the previous release) and +2.1% for the EU28 (was +2.0% previously).

The annual conference of the European Cutting Tool Association (ECTA) was held recently in Barcelona;  as well as the general business of the association, it featured a range of presentations on the following topics:

The European Commission, in a notice dated 2nd June and which came into force on 3rd June, has imposed a duty rate of 33% on imports of tungsten carbide, fused tungsten carbide and tungsten carbide simply mixed with metallic powder that originates in China.

AW Precision Limited are hosting a technical seminar to discuss advances in press tool technology and introduce to you our featured product lines

Punch & Die

Die Sets

Gas Spring Technology

Pronic In Die Tapping Solutions

Press Monitoring system from Decade

Wed, September 27, 2017 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM BST

AW Precision Limited

Cosford Lane


CV21 1QN

Machinery will carry EMO preview material in three issues prior to the show (July, August, September), then publish a review in the magazine’s October issue and, finally, circulate with our November magazine a more comprehensive, separate supplement detailing UK-relevant product launches.

Information regarding your company’s/clients’/principals’ EMO display of UK-relevant new product and technology developments is welcomed, with the copy deadlines being: