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The MTA offers a wide range of services to our members: Marketing, Grants for Training and Apprenticeships, Representation, Networking and Information. You can find out more about what we and our members have achieved together.

The MTA Business Survey for May was launched at the start of the week.  We would encourage all MTA members to take a couple of minutes to submit your data so we can build an accurate picture of the general level of activity in our sector.  As you will see from the economic news this week, we are firmly in a period of uncertainty that is likely to last at least until the end of October, so it will be important that we have an up to date view of the sector.  The on-line form is available at...

This year’s MTA Golf Day took place at The Leicestershire Golf Club on Wednesday 29th May where players were fortunate enough to enjoy bright sunshine. 20 players attended the event in total, and later went on to enjoy a sit-down dinner at the Club.

The six teams were playing for was the prestigious MTA Golf trophy and the winning team was Group Rhodes.

This free full day event is aimed at SMEs looking to adopt digital technologies within their workforce. In partnership with Stirling Media and with support from the Worcestershire LEP and DRL Tool, delegates will:

Wednesday 22 May saw the MTA’s first open access Technical Days at the Jaguar Visitor Centre in Castle Bromwich. MTA Members were given the opportunity to connect with companies in the Additive and Digital Manufacturing industry.

The April edition of the MTA Business Survey will be closing on Monday, but it is not too late to get your returns to us via the on-line form at if you do it by midday on Monday.  We hope that as many MTA members as possible will take a couple of minutes to give us your feedback so that our picture of the manufacturing technology sector is as representative as possible.

Invest in Investigations

• Why is an investigation necessary and what is the importance?

• The key principles of the ACAS Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures

• The importance of ensuring employees know the rules and procedures

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Wed, June 5 2019

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Thu, June 6 2019

Do you have long-term contracts, either with customers or suppliers?  Have you thought about incorporating something in the contract that allows you to adjust the price according to changes in input costs?

PMI, UK and Euro-zone, April 2019:  The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for the UK manufacturing sector fell as anticipated, but, perhaps surprisingly, only to 53.1 which still indicates a good level of expansion in activity.  With pre-Brexit stock-building dominating the last couple of months, the weaker growth in production, orders and stock of purchases had been expected, but it seems from the report, there was still some stock-building going on in April with a further sub

The MTA Business Survey for April was launched this week.  It has returned to its normal length this month with just the basic confidence, inquiries, orders and sales questions, so we hope that as many members as possible will take part in the survey so we get a good overview of the current trends in the sector.

The MTA are hosting the first of our open access Technical Days. The half day event aims to promote the benefits of additive and digital manufacturing technologies and connect companies looking to work with our members and the wider industry.