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The MTA offers a wide range of services to our members: Marketing, Grants for Training and Apprenticeships, Representation, Networking and Information. You can find out more about what we and our members have achieved together.

CBI Industrial Trends Survey, March 2021:  The latest report from the CBI Industrial Trends Survey (ITS) shows an improved outlook for the manufacturing sector.  Although output volumes were flat in the three months to March (see below), this is the strongest outturn since May 2019 (long before Covid-19 had even been heard of).  Output increased in 8 of the 17 sub-sectors covered by the CBI;  they note that growth led by the electronic engineering and plastic products groups

We would like to take the opportunity to remind you of one of the many free services you have access to as part of your MTA Membership. 

Attached are the details for Advice Line which is in partnership with Croner for all our members to seek professional advice regarding all aspects of employment law. 

UK Manufacturing Output, January 2021:  The latest output data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows a fall in manufacturing output of -2.3% compared to December;  this is the first negative trend since the decline of -25% recorded in April 2020 as the initial lockdown took effect.  The month-on-month fall was driven by lower output in 9 of the 13 sub-sectors of manufacturing with, as we will see later, the transport equipment industries particularly weak.

This week we have two new proposals from BSI for Members who may wish to comment, the first is on Guide to the Sustainable Design and Application of Robotic Systems and the second is on Additive manufacturing - Non-destructive testing.

Proposal: Guide to the Sustainable Design and Application of Robotic Systems.

Please find a link below to Standards Update Booklet which provides the following information:

· The BSI committees the MTA attends

· The standards under revision in each committee

· The development stage of each standard under revision.

This document is updated and distributed every 3 months and is available on our website at

Please be advised that a New Work Item Proposal has been loaded to the BSI Standards Development Portal for comment. We hope this will assist in increasing awareness of the Standards Development Portfolio.

We launched the February edition of the MTA Business Survey at the beginning of the week. We would encourage all MTA members to take part in this survey – you can do this by using the on-line form which is available at or if you we can send you a word version - for this, please contact Geoff Noon at MTA (e-mail:

Do you have long-term contracts, either with customers or suppliers? Have you thought about incorporating something in the contract that allows you to adjust the price according to changes in input costs?

CBI Industrial Trends Survey, February 2021:  The latest report from the CBI Industrial Trends Survey (ITS) shows that manufacturing activity has deteriorated over the last month although the hit was less than in previous lockdowns.  It is worth noting that although the report refers to February, data collection took place between 27th January and 12th February so the trends identified are more likely to be the three months to January (November 2020 to January 2021).

The MTA’s advice line (provided by Croner) has recently had a number of call on how to support staff who are juggling working from home and home-schooling schedules.

To help to address this, they have created a new resource (attached) with different options you can consider, and how their advice line can help further.

Don’t forget you can access the Croner helpline free of charge through your MTA membership by calling 0844 561 8133