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The MTA offers a wide range of services to our members: Marketing, Grants for Training and Apprenticeships, Representation, Networking and Information. You can find out more about what we and our members have achieved together.

European Industrial Production, July 2021:  The latest figures from Eurostat show that seasonally adjusted industrial production in July was +1.5% higher than in June for the Euro-zone and +1.4% up for the EU.  Although still distorted to some extent by the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak a year ago, Euro-zone output was +7.7% higher than in July 2020, with growth of +8

The MTA's Annual Forecast Seminar will be held on 21st October 2021. The programme will follow our usual structure of three presentations.


We would love to introduce you to our new member Amas Murrison Ltd “ammu”. AMMU is a distinctive blend of chartered accountants, management accountants and tax advisers providing expert advice on accounting, finance, taxation in all its guises, MI and digitisation.

The May edition of the MTA Business Survey will close next week but there is still time to let us have your input by using the on-line form at

UK Manufacturing Output, July 2021:  As we will see in the next item, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) highlights the difference between production and manufacturing which may not be obvious in the headlines.  Therefore, while total production grew by +1.2% in July (compared to June), manufacturing output was unchanged;  this was because the growth in production was entirely driven by an increase in oil production as an oilfield came back on-line after maintenance.

European Commission Economic Sentiment Indicator and Capacity Utilisation, August 2021:  The European Commission (EC) draws from a range of surveys to construct confidence indicators for six sectors of the economy and then uses five of these (financial services is not included in the ESI) to compile its Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI).  Because of the data collection periods, the reference month (August) is that of publication but the data really refers to July.

Please find a link below to Standards Update Booklet which provides the following information:

·       The BSI committees the MTA attends

·       The standards under revision in each committee

·       The development stage of each standard under revision.

Join Irwin Mitchell and Caldwell & Robinson on 14th September at 11am to find out more about the opportunities and challenges for GB manufacturers in Northern Ireland, post Brexit. 

Standards play an important role in the economy by promoting best practice, facilitating business interaction and providing individuals and organisations with a basis for mutual understanding that facilitates communication, man

MTA Head of Operations, James Fudge, is this week’s guest on the Great British Manufacturing Podcast ( co hosted by Jefferson Group and MTD MFG.