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MTA Apprentice Grants

Outreach Activities

The MTA engages in a variety of outreach activities, to help young people realise the wide range of careers that are available to them within engineering based manufacturing.  To the left on the drop down menu is a list of the main outreach activities of the MTA - click on each one to find out what we do in more detail.

Below is a list of the recent news features and press releases featuring our recent outreach activity.

Mission Motorsport have had to postpone their Race of Remembrance for 2020.  Sadly, it’s left the charity with a huge (£50k) hole to try and fill - thus the idea of a geographically distanced, individual celebration was born - #YourRoR.

Due to the pandemic the London Play charity weren’t able to run their usual large event, so instead they worked with children in ‘bubbles’ at three playgrounds ensuring a fair geographical spread across London; Arc in the Park - Newham, Pearson Street Adventure Playground - Hackney and Waterloo Living Space - Southwark.

One of the really positive things about the Covid Crisis has been the way in which the engineering and manufacturing sectors have stepped up to provide medical and other equipment at a time of dire need.

Like us, you probably hope that these efforts will be properly recognised and help to shape the public perception of manufacturing and engineering for years to come. Here at the MTA we want to do something to make sure this happens.

The MTA launched TECH 4.0 – a new project based work experience programme involving 48 students from schools across country, at an event hosted by FANUC in Coventry this week.

Supported by mentors from FANUC and the AMRC in Sheffield, the schools involved will spend the next 8 weeks researching technologies involved in Automation, Robotics and Smart Factories and selecting the solutions they feel are appropriate to solve real manufacturing problems.

We ask for your support of the annual fundraising auction in aid of Development Nepal (DN), a UK registered charity that facilitates community-led work with the poorest communities in Sunsari district, east Nepal.

The apprenticeship service are planning the next webinar for employers and employer-providers on the subject of Recruit an Apprentice: how employers can advertise and manage their own apprenticeship vacancies through the apprenticeship service.

The webinar is taking place on Wednesday, 20 February 2019 12:00pm.

This week MTA’s Education & Development team attended the launch of Policy Connect’s report evaluating the effectiveness of Degree Apprenticeships.

The Prime Minister’s vision was for degree apprenticeships to bring the world of business and the world of education together, building the high level technical skills needed for the jobs of the future with the added benefit that young people were given financial security alongside a degree and associated professional certification.

A new post, “New feedback feature for the Apprenticeship Service” has just been published on the ESFA Digital blog.

Product manager Paul Kelman tells us about a new apprenticeship feedback service designed to help employers share views on training providers. We’re developing an exciting new feature so that users can give feedback on aspects of their apprenticeship programmes. Initially …

National Apprenticeship Week is fast approaching.  As an intermediary partner of the National Apprenticeship Service, the MTA would like to encourage any members hosting or taking part in National Apprenticeship Week activities to add their information to the event map.

The STEM Insight programme gives you the opportunity to showcase your business by offering a STEM Insight placement to careers leaders, teachers and technicians. Studies have shown that teachers play a vital role in helping young people find the right career path. By providing immersive experiences for teachers, you are supporting them to better understand the diverse range of STEM careers and career paths available to young people and helping to inspire your future talent pipeline.