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MTA Apprentice Grants

Outreach Activities

The MTA engages in a variety of outreach activities, to help young people realise the wide range of careers that are available to them within engineering based manufacturing.  To the left on the drop down menu is a list of the main outreach activities of the MTA - click on each one to find out what we do in more detail.

Below is a list of the recent news features and press releases featuring our recent outreach activity.

To ensure teachers are educated about the latest innovations and technologies, so that they can pass their knowledge onto their student, STEM Learning facilitates a work based learning programme and is looking for more partnering organisations.

Working on an international scale with clients from around the world can be a challenge: you don't want to ship your goods or deliver services and not get paid. 

Waiting 3 or more months to get paid isn't an option either when you need to cover your costs upfront and pay suppliers. 

How to secure funding for international deals and make sure you get paid - these are the questions we'll cover in this webinar. 

Are you passionate about inspiring the next generation of designers, engineers or digital entrepreneurs?

The Design and Technology Association is looking for high profile candidates to join the board of this prestigious organisation and contribute to its work shaping design, engineering and technology education in the UK and helping to inspire more young people to develop industry-critical skills. For further details click see the below PDF.

The Commercial Victimisation Survey, an annual survey about crimes experienced by businesses in England and Wales, which is run by Ipsos MORI on behalf of the Home Office.

Taking part in the 2017 Commercial Victimisation Survey is your opportunity to help the Home Office to understand the nature, extent and cost of crimes against businesses and to tackle crime in our sector.

Each year, the results are used to:

•        monitor crime trends,

Ease of access to the world-class research and development facilities on offer at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre’s (AMRC) Factory 2050, is being made even easier for small or medium-sized enterprises (SME).

If you have been a full, member of the MTA for at least one year, and your company has an annual turnover of £10million or less, you may be eligible to apply for one of our apprenticeship grants or loans.

We offer apprenticeship Grants of £2,000 to help you take on an apprentice or apprenticeship Loans (interest-free) of £10,000 to help you with your cash flow in the first year.

The final of this year’s national Technology, Design and Innovation (TDI) Challenge took place on Wednesday 5th July at Yamakazi Mazak’s headquarters in Worcester.

James Fudge visited Innoprom in Yekaterinburg, Russia this week alongside our Russian Representative Dr Igor Bazhenov. In conjunction with the Department for International Trade the MTA held a UK briefing for members of the Russian office and facilitated a network session after.

The event also saw meetings between the MTA and regional Government officials representing Science and Industry.

If you are aware of any young people considering a manufacturing and engineering apprenticeship the EEF are holding one of their regular open days at Technology Hub in Birmingham.

Their open days connect their best-in-class employers with you, as a potential apprentice. From aerospace to automotive to robotics, we can connect you with the employer and apprenticeship you want.

If you have been a full, member of the MTA for at least one year, and your company has an annual turnover of £10million or less, you should be eligible to apply for one of our apprenticeship grants or loans.