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One of the world’s most prestigious research and development groups has been given the green light to build a dedicated facility in the North West of England which will boost Lancashire’s reputation as one of the UK’s most innovative regions for advanced manufacturing and act as a powerful magnet for inward investors.

The UK is in the relegation zone for innovation at the moment, but it is in a fantastic position to re-industrialise.  That was the message from MTA chief executive James Selka at a conference on supporting high-value manufacturing, targeted at policy-makers and held in London this week.

He described the MTA as the ‘productivity champions’, as its members supply the technology that firms need to ‘move the dial on manufacturing productivity’.

The decisive victory for the Conservative Party in England and Wales, and in the overall result, should lead to clear and decisive policy-making on issues vital to the machinery and component supply chain.

Pryor is delighted to have received two accolades at the 2019 Sheffield Business Awards, for Innovation and Business Person of the Year, awarded to Sales Director, Alastair Morris.

In a time of industrial and trade uncertainty, the MT sector continues to perform well, as production stands at more than 28 billion in 2018. In the meantime, CECIMO has following closely the review process of the Machinery Directive, the most important legislation for the machinery sector.

Economic outlook and trends: an uncertain future after a period of strong growth.

Engineering firms are to be asked about their skills training, in a ground-up research project supported by the MTA.  The focus will be on small and medium-sized companies that are taking positive steps to train, outside the formal, government-funded apprenticeship system.

The MMMA ‘Metalworking’ Village is FULL, filling the largest area the Association has ever taken at MACH, this is a fantastic achievement, with 25 members exhibiting. The Metalworking Village covers 650 square metres, one of the largest areas of any exhibitor at MACH. Demonstrating, Technologies, services and products across many sectors of UK Manufacturing.

UK Production Data, 2018 revised:  The Office for National Statistics collects what we refer to as “production” data under the system known as ProdCom.  The figures are actually for the sales of UK made goods, so it is production net of stock changes held by the manufacturer, but we keep the short-hand title for ease of reference.

PMI, UK, Euro-zone and global, November 2019:  October had seen a small improvement in the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) for the UK manufacturing sector, largely as a result of stock-building ahead of the Brexit deadline at the end of that month.  With that having passed, the under-lying conditions were unchanged and the subsequent de-stocking meant that the PMI reading fell back to 48.9 - this is now the seventh consecutive month of negative (below 50) figures.  Orders, ou

The November edition of the MTA Business Survey has been underway since the start of the week but we would like to take this opportunity just to remind you to let us have your input.