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According to a YouGov survey, late in 2021, half of British workers (50%) were still working from home at least some of the time, up from 37% before the pandemic. An even high number (60%), said they would prefer to work remotely always or some of the time if they could choose.

The government has lifted all tariffs on goods from Ukraine, part of broad UK economic support, including £1bn in loan guarantees.

Imposed on Russia is a new export ban on products and technology that “could be used to repress the people of Ukraine”.  That “could include interception and monitoring equipment”.  Import bans have been imposed on silver, wood products and high-end products from Russia such as caviar.

Engineers from companies across the West Midlands are being asked to sign up to help develop and deliver a new project for primary schools, funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. 

Please be advised that a New Work Item Proposal has been loaded to the BSI Standards Development Portal for comment. We hope this will assist in increasing awareness of the Standards Development Portfolio.
Any comments received will be submitted to AMT/008 Additive manufacturing, for consideration when deciding the UK response to the associated Standards Development Organisation.


We are very excited to announce two new MTA members who have recently joined!

Ayming are Europe's leading specialist Research and Development tax consultancy with over 30 years of experience. With 1300 employees operating in 14 countries across Europe and the US, they have diverse expertise spanning various industries. By providing strategic advisory services on innovation funding and HR performance, we continue to generate €1bn a year for 16,000 clients worldwide.

Fronius UK will be opening the doors to its Technology Centre to unveil the latest cutting-edge welding technology at its Open House on 18th and 19th May.

The event promises to be informative, hands-on and packed with fun and whether you are looking to review your welding processes, or find out what’s new, this is just the event for you.

Businesses involved in the use or manufacture of plastic packaging have been told they need to establish at what point the new Plastic Packaging Tax needs to be paid within their supply chains.
The tax was introduced on 1 April 2022 and applies to any business that manufactures or imports 10 tonnes or more per year of plastic packaging containing less than 30% recycled plastic.

Firms that meet these criteria will be taxed at £200 per tonne.

This week we have three standards under review

Proposal: ISO/TC 299 N 518, ISO/NP 22166-203 Robotics -- Modularity for service robots -- Part 203: Information Model for Hardware
Please visit:

Comment period end date: 27/05/2022

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many UK businesses have stepped up to help.

Marks & Spencer, Lush, and PwC, just to name a few, are offering jobs to Ukrainian refugees. If you’re in a position where you would like to provide work, but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.

On 7 July 2022 Manufacturers will pledge to throw open their doors in a UK wide Open House.