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Eclipse Magnetics are manufacture high performance magnetic fluid filtration systems for CNC coolant and wash system applications. They also offer magnetic work-holding and magnetic lifting solutions.
Their magnetic filtration systems provide cost savings and efficiencies on machine tool applications such as grinding, drilling, honing and lapping processes. They extend fluid life and reduce expenditure on disposable filtration media. They also enable a high precision surface finish.
The range of magnetic filters includes manual clean and automated units each proving fine particle filtration performance.

Eclipse Magnetics also manufacture a range of magnetic chucks which offer fast and accurate clamping which allow faster feed rates and eficiencies.

They also offer magnetic lifting and handling equipment this is the ultimate in safe, accurate, trouble free steel lifting.

In addition they offer a range of problem solving workshop tools including magnetic welding clamps, DTI bases, pick up and retrieval tools.

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Magnetic Lifting Solutions
Magnetic Chucks
High Performance Magnetic Filtration for Industrial Fluids