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While specific industries have their own unique challenges and motivations, productivity is central to manufacturing success across the board. Today, continuously improving productivity is essential for competitive success.

At Hexagon, manufacturing intelligence division, we work with our customers to improve productivity by embedding quality throughout the product lifecycle.

Our technology enables manufacturers to take control of quality at all the key stages of their process. Through an unparalleled portfolio of digital manufacturing technologies spanning CAE solutions for design and engineering, CAD CAM and complementary software for production applications, metrology hardware and software solutions, as well as data management and analytics tools, we empower technology users throughout the process with deep and actionable insight into product quality, ensuring that quality drives productivity.

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs)
Coordinate Measuring Machines, Portable
Coordinate Measuring Machines, Retrofit & Upgrades
Laser Trackers
Probes, Touch Trigger
Probes, Non Contact
Software, Coordinate Measuring Machines

Part Programming / Subcontract Measurement
UKAS Calibration Laboratories, Dimensional
Coordinate Measuring Machines, Inspection Services
Coordinate Measuring Machines, Service/Maintenance
Coordinate Measuring Machines, Calibration
CMM Training
Non CMM Training / NPL Dimensional Training provider

CAD CAM Software
CAE Software
CNC Simulation software
ERP Production Planning Software
Metrology Software

Metrology House
52° 38' 8.1888" N, 2° 25' 35.8428" W
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EDGECAM | Industry leading CAM system for NC part programming