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One group. Three world-class divisions. That’s Precision Technologies Group (PTG). 

PTG Holroyd’s advanced gear, rotor, thread and pump screw milling and grinding machines are used by manufacturers around the globe to produce ultra-precise helical components.

PTG Powerstir friction stir welding (FSW) machines enable manufacturers in sectors as diverse as automotive, aerospace and high-speed rail to create lightweight, superior, high-strength joints. Designed specifically for use in the volume production of electric vehicle battery tray floor assemblies from extruded aluminium panels, the company’s dual weld-head FSW process is aimed directly at manufacturers of skateboard chassis structures and ensures that a tight weld-flatness tolerance is achieved during battery tray floor construction.

From production facilities in the UK, USA and China, PTG Holroyd Precision Rotors uses PTG Holroyd machine tools to manufacture helical components in batch sizes from prototype to high volume, for many of the world’s most successful manufacturers. Products include compressor rotors, supercharger screws, industrial blowers, pump screws, vacuum screws and specialist compressor applications. 

Together, the companies in the group serve a diverse range of industrial sectors, from aerospace and automotive to HVAC, high-speed rail, air compression, refrigeration, marine, medical, shipbuilding, oil, gas and power generation. 

PTG offers unrivalled levels of technical knowledge, manufacturing capability and customer support in product development, including the FSW process and the milling and grinding of helical profiles. PTG has also developed some of the most sophisticated, intuitive machine tool software in its sector, enabling customers to work effectively and efficiently.

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