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A history of delivering outstanding solutions to our customers.

Customers come to us and stay with us because we solve their engineering challenges. We work collaboratively by using sound engineering standards and high-quality products. Our solutions offer long term benefits that include reducing business limiting factors such as maintenance, energy, productivity, and uptime performance.

Our logo, the triangles of success, represents the Customer’s intimate knowledge of their products—our Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) technical excellence in their field of expertise, and Kumi Solutions passion for solving manufacturing challenges. As a team, we solve problems and deliver solutions that all three parties are confident with and comfortable to provide and receive.

For two decades customer retention has come naturally through a bilateral partnership built on a friendly, trustworthy relationship that is ethical and customer-focused. We work with you to find the solutions that solve your problem.

We work directly from our UK base, in the Midlands and have delivered more than 10 million pounds of equipment and services into Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Semiconductor, Building and White goods businesses in the UK, Ireland, EU and the USA.

Specialising In:-

Particle Counting with the MicroQuick Scanner.

A VDA19 & ISO16232 qualified system for the fast counting, sizing and categorising of particles. MicroQuick is simple to operate taking just a couple of hours to learn and the customisable templates speed up report writing. An extremely stable system requiring minimal calibration to maintain tolerances. Visit Kumi Solutions MicroQuick Page!

Advanced Metal Working Fluids.

Oest Oils of Germany have produced oils for more than 100 years and metalworking fluids for the last 50 years. Highly experienced with the unique approached of ensuring the lubricants used in production are compatible with other processes such as solvent degreasing systems.

  • Oest Colometa water-miscible coolants - The long life, smooth operating Colometa range of coolants were developed for optimised cutting performance.
  • Oest Neat Cutting Fluids - Unlike water-based coolants where the water provides high cooling rates neat cutting oils prevent high temperatures through high lubricating qualities. Their high cutting action increases tool life. The low evaporation rates and minimal oil mist qualities help reduce shopfloor contamination and fire risks in the machine.

Modular work holding for cleaning sensitive metal parts

FRIES TechTray and TechRack is a modular plastic work holding that creates pockets into which individual metal components are placed. Several layers are stacked creating a lid for the previous layer. A lid on the top allows the whole assembly to be rotated in the parts degreasing system, preventing undesirable metal to metal contact. The part remains in the TechTray from point of machining through to the packing department, significantly reducing the risk of bruising, scratches and fingerprints.

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