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OIL MIST COLLECTION, OIL MIST FILTRATION SYSTEM, DUST COLLECTION The new Argos Pro series filters are designed for the filtration of oil mists (emulsion as well as neat oil), vapours and smokes deriving from a variety of machining processes. This filtration unit has purposely been conceived for the industrial sector, and its important features lie in its sturdiness, reliability and simplicity in conduction and maintenance. Available in 3 sizes with flow rates ranging from 3.000 to 15.000 m3/h and with increasing filtration efficiency rates to reach 99,97%. OIL MIST COLLECTION, OIL MIST FILTRATION SYSTEM, DUST COLLECTION Galileo Plus is a centrifugal oil mist filter for mist generated from neat oil and emulsions used in machine tools, also suitable in the presence of particulate. It is designed to be mounted to the machine tools. Grants a high-efficiency filtration Long lasting filters Very low electrical consumption Easy mounting Innovative design UNIT TESTED LOSMA grants that every single system is tasted through strict control procedures. Every unit is provided with a qualitative and functional test certificate. REDUCED ELECTRICAL CONSUMPTION Galileo Plus uses energy saving motors with high efficiency and very low power (KW). QUICK AND EASY MAINTENANCE Internal filters can be cleaned or changed simple opening of a cover.

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