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MachineWorks Ltd has been providing CNC simulation and verification solutions across the world since 1994.

MachineWorks Software has been adopted by manufacturers looking to simulate any type of CNC machining and check for collisions and gouges in the full machining environment with speed, accuracy and stability.

MachineWorks Software Development Toolkit is integrated into CAM applications, standalone verification applications and controller-based applications, including Collision Avoidance Systems setting the standard in the industry.

Over 60% of the leading players in the CAM industry have adopted our simulation component, which has allowed MachineWorks dedicated team of core developers to accumulate a world of experience and know-how in all machining scenarios.

MachineWorks' libraries are ideally suited to any type of machining and can simulate any degree of complexity or number of axes.  They feature material removal, clash detection, full machine simulation and polygonal modelling.

MachineWorks has tools to help customers with integration and development, such as the Machine Builder and the Machine Simulator that allow users to quickly develop a new prototype.

MachineWorks also comes with a library of machine models ready to be used in the Machine Builder or Machine Simulator.

MachineWorks' active support team keeps in regular touch with customers in order to help optimise their developments and find out about their future requirements.

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