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Established 80 years ago, Mollart Engineering is a precision mechanical engineering company with a world-leading reputation for the development of dedicated deep-hole drilling machines and tooling systems.

Our extensive in-depth application experience means that we can offer full-scale sub-contract engineering of complete machined parts and electro-mechanical turnkey assembly for the aerospace, automotive, defence, oil and gas, mould and die, nuclear and telecommunications industries.

"There is no other company in the world with the level of expertise in deep hole drilling machines, sub-contract and tooling applications."
Guy Mollart,
Managing Director

Mollart was started as a partnership between JC Hendra and AJ Mollart, together with six colleagues, all ex-employees of AC Cars, after the closure of the AC factory in 1929. From subcontract machining, the company moved into design and manufacture of special-purpose machinery in 1946.

Under second generation leadership, Ken Mollart, the company made its first deep hole drilling machine in 1965. Current managing director and owner Guy Mollart took over in 1983 and, in addition to developing the deep hole drilling machine business, took the company back into automotive machining. In 1993, it established a licence deal with Botek to supply its deep hole drills. In 1997, it established Mollart Automotive. In 2008, it acquired Bencere hole finishing tooling to expand Mollart tooling division. Today, both Chessington and Resolven sites undertake subcontract machining, with deep hole drilling machine and Botek activities centred at the former. The company is experiencing a very high demand for its machine tools, the vast majority of which is export business.

Steeped in a long tradition of the world-leading manufacture of deep hole drilling machines and their complementary tooling (micro and deep hole gun drills), as well as precision engineered deep hole components, the Mollart Group was founded in 1929 by my grandfather.

The family-owned business began life as general production engineers producing a wide range of components for the automotive and aerospace industries, including work on the early helicopters.
Today, the 100-employee Mollart Group’s value-added manufacturing expertise has evolved into an unrivalled and dynamic project and production engineering skills set that not only meets but also actually surpasses the challenges presented by the demands of 21st century contract manufacture across every industry sector — including medical, off-road, oil, nuclear, defence and telecommunications — in addition to an ongoing association with clients in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Here at Mollart we firmly believe that successful, profitable manufacturing partnerships are based on continuous, two-way communication and with this to the back drop to everything we do, I look forward to discussing how we can help you to increase your profits and your competitiveness.

Mollart’s adeptness at first assimilating users’ needs then satisfying those requirements with high-precision, cost-effective precision components has earned the company a global customer base and an unmatched worldwide reputation for: Project management – from initial enquiry through to production engineered solutions, modern high-technology production capabilities, stringent quality control and consistent on-time delivery, in many cases direct to line. From initial design brief through to the development of complete manufacturing processes, the Mollart service is the complete service.

Precision engineered components, sub-assemblies/assemblies - in any batch size, incorporating close-tolerance deep holes – from just 0.74 mm diameter to 300 mm diameter, and with diameter-to-depth ratios of 200:1 up to three metres deep – as well as incorporating every type of shaft-type and prismatic machining capability.

Value-added machining – in addition to our renowned deep hole, gun and micro drilling capacity – over 50 standard, single- and multi-spindle deep hole spindles are available round the clock – our extensive and modern portfolio of production equipment and facilities include over 30 examples of some of the most up-to-date high-technology production machinery available, including: Mazak one-hit turn/milling; Cazeneuve, Hitachi Seiki and Weiler CNC turning; Star CNC sliding head autos; Daewoo, Kitamura and Mori Seiki CNC milling and machining centres; Kearns Richards horizontal boring and SIP jig boring; and AG and Delapena honing.

In addition, customer-specific manufacturing cells can be installed to meet specific demands. Quality control – accredited to BS EN ISO 9001: 2000, Mollart’s qualitative QC culture envelopes philosophies such as Kaizen, TQM and SPC, matching our passion for precision production routines. Individual component or batch sampling inspection routines, accompanied by full component traceability, can be implemented to suit specific requirements.

Continuous support – our considerable project management expertise permeates our complete company structure, as well as the manufacturing partnerships we establish with clients, and this continues even after component/batch delivery.

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Mollart Botek Gundrills, BTA & Ejector
Mollart Centeplex - 2-Spindle Prismatic Gundrilling & Milling Machines
Mollart Prismabore - 1-Spindle Multi-Axis Gundrilling Machines
Mollart Matrix - 1-Spindle Multi-Axis Gundrilling Machines
Mollart Pellet Die - 4, 6, 8, 12 & 16 Spindle Horizontally Opposed Gundrilling Machines
Mollart Trepanning - 1-Spindle Up-to 300mm Diameter Drilling
Mollart HD Series - 1 & 2 Spindle Heavy Duty BTA Drilling Machines
Mollart MD Series - 4, 6 & 8 Spindle Medium Duty Gundrilling Machines
Mollart MD Series - 1 & 2 Spindle Medium Duty Gundrilling Machines
Mollart Omnisprint - Multi-Spindle 3-Axis Gundrilling Machine
Mollart Drillsprint - Multi-Spindle Light Duty Gundrilling Machine
Mollart Microdrill
Mollart Deep-Hole Drilling Machines