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Abrasive Belts - Grinding, Blending & Finishing

Cibo Abrasives Cloth Belts For Grinding, Blending, Finishing and Polishing metals and surfaces. Abrasive Finishing Systems UK

At AFS we pride ourselves on supplying good quality, durable abrasive belts ensuring the customer can buy with confidence every time.

We can manufacture virtually any size belt with any grit within 10 working days, as well as providing a large range of belts that are stock items which are available for next day delivery. 

Our main belt materials are detailed below:

Aluminium Oxide - The low cost option for grinding, mainly used for aluminium finishing and general finishing on all metals.

Zirconia - Currently the most common belt for general grinding and mid-level aggression when working on stainless steel and steel.

Ceramic - Soon to be the industry standard material when stock removal and heavy grinding is required. Contain grinding aids in the coating which provide a longer belt life and increased performance when working on a variety of metals.

For more information and to view our full range visit: and simply choose which machine you are working on to find your belts.