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Blaser Swisslube

Blaser Swisslube manufactures and sells environmentally and operator-friendly metal working fluids for the precision engineering industry. Blaser manufactures fluids at four production plants located in Switzerland, USA, China and India, employing 500 personnel worldwide, within 15 subsidiaries. Additionally Blaser enjoys long-term relationships with 37 country importers, one of which is Jemtech UK, which has enjoyed a close relationship with Blaser since 1997.

Blaser Swisslube products in conjunction with Jemtech services are aimed at increasing customer’s productivity and therefore profitability, offering tangible solutions with structure and substance that will incorporate products, people, and services. This process will deliver quantifiable technical and commercial benefits for your business.

All of this is available on a no gain no win basis. We will gather application and process data, documenting as we go, present the proposed savings, enter into a controlled test, record and report the results, should these not meet the agreed objectives there is nothing to pay.

We offer a no obligation free of charge site and application survey; take the ‘Blaser Challenge’; there really is nothing to lose, and only profit to gain.