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Business Intelligence

Fitfactory Business Intelligence

Analyse. Share. Improve

Learn how to harness your information to drive productivity with our business intelligence module. Integrate different data sources, analyse them together, share information internally and externally to collaborate and improve together. 

Connect your business with intelligence

Bring together all the information you collect from different data sources, from your production management, accounting package, customer surveys, and anything else you measure.

Combine datasets together to get a complete view of your business, and develop clear understanding of the impacts different departments have on each other.

View it all from one central location.

Run your business on the go

Access your information on the go, on your laptop, tablet or mobile device. 

Set up rules and receive alerts when significant changes occur in your data, like when a machine shuts down unexpectedly, or you just won a big order. 

So you always know what’s going on in your business. 

Insights that drive productivity

Monitor information in real-time

Select your KPIs and watch them update in real-time. Each user can monitor the KPIs most important to them.

Share insights with teams

Display KPIs on screens in the boardroom or the shopfloor and watch them update in real-time

Turn insights into action

Combine reports that tell a story. Click to dive into the detail. Make decisions and assign actions based on clear insights.

Collaborate, and improve together

  • Unlock a new way to share insights and reports with your team, in the boardroom, with customers and suppliers. 
  • Create personalised dashboards to share with multiple partners, and filter them to only show the information relevant to them.
  • Your partners receive updates in real-time as you capture more data and complete jobs.

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